I am Jay Pross

Entrepreneur   •   Shoes Designer   •   Pasta Lover

Growing up in the 90’s in Philadelphia you learn quickly of the values in a community and the things that bring those communities together. In many times it is families, the love for sports and/or in many times the love for art. Art History 101 founder and active designer Jay Pross was raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia and at an early age taking the subway/ El commuting back and forth to Roman High School. Jay picked up quickly on all of the art and history that you naturally see riding on the el from either the fashion on one’s body to the detailed graffiti murals up and down the buildings and subway trains.

A brand that was debuted before 10 shirts were made and before the doors were open on Frankford Avenue, the Art History 101 brand caught the attention of millions of eyes overnight. This was achieved by having rap star Soulja Boy appear on the December 2007 cover of The Source Magazine in Art History 101’s first t-shirt during a time Soulja Boy had the #1 single in the country; “Crank That”.

With hitting the corporate ceiling at such a young age, Jay took the ambition to start his own brand in 2007. Jay took the new brand to magazine covers before one t-shirt was even sold, providing the hip hop star Soulja Boy with his new t-shirt design holding the Art History 101 brand that ended up on the December issue of The Source magazine. Ever since then, from opening Art History 101’s doors at 7045 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia to publishing ArtHistory101.com it has been nothing but progress on top of progress growing the brand to new heights. Bringing Art and History together with each design is something that all comes from the mind of Jay Pross that has traveled as far as Australia and to London with worldwide shipping you can receive here with one click away. Browse, select and enjoy wearing and teaching others our Art History 101 street wear for all fashion and education purposes.