#RIGHT!!! t-shirt (Gillie Da King x Art History 101 collab)

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For the Second time Art History 101 collaborates with the King of Philly “Gille Da King” for this Special Limited Edition #Right!!! t-shirt. There is only 101 of these available for purchase. They come with a certificate of Authenticity to ensure you bought a legit piece of Art. They are designed, printed, and manufactured from the Art History team at the Art History 101 store. These shirt are made to last if taken care of properly. If you are lucky enough to get one we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. #StarHtheWorld #RIGHT!!!

1 review for #RIGHT!!! t-shirt (Gillie Da King x Art History 101 collab)

  1. Jer Henry

    5 star rating, for the 5 star General GDK!!! King Gillie Da King of Philly, still willing, to get filthy, for real Gritty, and K- Kill these fools and plead guilty, lyrics that’ll hit ya ear like a Wet Willy, Right!! Really, without a grip, steel or a billy club, just one mic and fist to pump, give it, gift it, whatever it is but just pick one up, limited edition and its fitted to have ya feeling like its Christmas fresh as squeezed tangerine citrus in a 711 Big Gill-ulp cup, get one now dont be left out or one of those left in the back now, get Right!!! logo printed on the middle big and on the front, not a single more or chance to get it, its finished theres only 100 now with minus mine this here one!! Gillie Da King, King of Philly the City got love so get you some, the City of Brotherly Love all hail the King, thats til Kingdom Come! RIGHT!!!!!

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